by Jodi Summers Didja know > about a quarter of U.S. households live in multifamily housing units. This group of apartment dwellers spends about $40 billion on energy costs each year. The Better Buildings Challenge > Multifamily Edition < estimates that making multiunit housing units 20% more energy efficient would save more than $7 billion […]

by Jodi Summers In 2014, the Better Buildings Challenge has expanded to include multifamily properties. “The expansion of the Better Buildings Challenge to include multifamily housing represents an important step toward achieving the goals laid out in the President’s Climate Action Plan,” Observes HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan. The goal of the Better Buildings Challenge when […]

by Jodi Summers You’ve heard about all of those fabulous loft conversions in downtown Los Angeles – old office buildings and factories that have been renovated into apartments and condos. That’s what’s happening with a lot of that extra office space…that’s in cool buildings. In 2012, nationwide, office stock shrunk in a third of the […]

Edited by Jodi Summers Bravo to the City of Los Angeles. Through innovative public policy and creative private development, demonstrating how older buildings can be repurposed and repositioned for the new economy while reducing carbon emissions. Believe it or not, Downtown Los Angeles contains one of the nation’s finest collections of early 20th century […]

by Naomi Shaw A real estate partnership can be a lucrative venture for many individuals with a limited amount of money to invest. Forming a partnership will increase your working capital, and you’ll be able to buy properties you couldn’t afford on your own. However, there are some significant risks that can come with forming […]

by Jodi Summers it is indispensable to have the proper insurances in place. That way, your investment stays your investment and does not become your liability. Remember, the primary objective of your rental business should be to make money…and keep what you made. To maximize your investment, you need the proper insurances in place. 1.    […]