by Jodi Summers Amsterdam has been meeting a pressing need for student and other low-income housing by using ubiquitous steel shipping containers. After years at sea, the containers were rusted and dented but ready for reuse to house people instead of products. Can we do the same in Los Angeles? Shipping container architecture has evolved […]

by Bob Pace edited by Jodi Summers Electricity is one of the most complex and misunderstood aspects of construction. It is also one of the most potentially dangerous, as well. There are various aspects to consider when evaluating the condition and remaining useful life of electrical systems: moving parts and unmoving parts, whether the equipment […]

Edited by Jodi Summers The National Trust for Historic Preservation defines rehabilitate as: “To repair a structure and make it usable again while preserving those portions or features of the property that are historically and culturally significant.” To successfully rehabilitate a historic building, they are offering us 10 basic principles to keep in mind when […]

by Jodi Summers There’s a big tree in the front yard of a 4-plex clients are buying in Mar Vista. Our savvy inspector suggested we do a film of sewer line to make sure there was no damage from root intrusion. Lucky for us, the seller had taken a film of the sewer line back […]

by Jodi Summers Los Angeles will soon become the largest city in the country to approve a ban on plastic bags. The decision came down in May, as a standing-room-only crowd packed City Hall as the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-1 to approve a ban on plastic bags and impose a 10-cent charge on […]

By Jodi Summers The White House issued a challenge to the nation’s utilities > to allow customers more access to their own energy data. California utilities are the first to step up. Welcome the Green Button. This online tool from Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric and Pacific Gas & Electric will allow […]